December - 2006

Elijah was born at 6:07pm on January 24, 1996.
A few moments later we were told that he had a genetic disorder
known as "trisomy 21", a type of Down Syndrome. Elijah is the most
amazing little boy... I count it such a blessing
to be the one chosen to be called
"Elijah's dad"

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Early pics of Elijah (0-11 months) more early pics...
Elijah in Hollywood pics from around 12mos old
pics from around 18mos old pics from 2.5 yrs old
more recent pics of Elijah links to other ds related sites

pics of Elijah (0-11mos) | more pics... | Elijah in Hollywood | New pics added 8/1/97 | pics from fall '97 | misc pics | more "recent" pics | other DS links

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